Barrelhouse Club has moved to its own space! We have outgrown our wonderful home at JiveStudios/Swing Connexion and are excited to say we have moved to our very own space on St-Laurent and Villeray.

Why did we need our own space?

To fulfill some of our dreams of an inclusive and community oriented dance studio, we needed a place to call our home.

Barrelhouse Club (in its current and previous organizational form) has worked for over four years in Montreal to build an inclusive community of students and dance teachers who are passionate and interested about blues music, dancing, and African-American culture.

From our very humble beginnings as a small group of friends learning to dance together, we have been very fortunate to have been a part of the blues dance boom in Montreal.

To date, we have run over fifty troupe projects, taught countless new dancers their first dance steps in blues, created a weekend blues exchange (MMM Blues Exchange) dedicated to social dancing, and developed a full length blues dance show (Blues Bump) which morphed into Montreal’s biggest workshop weekend event. This year, we even started a new mini event – Easy Does It, an entire day and evening of dancing to ballroomin’ music.

What are the benefits of having a space dedicated to blues dancing?

Our own space for blues dancing means…

  • an increased programme of classes, workshops, performance learning opportunities and events.
  • an ability to offer a broader range of dance projects that may not fit in the normal schedule of the existing dance schools in Montreal.
  • we can schedule more frequent workshops and to use the available time and space to host more frequent guest workshops.
  • we can create our own blues dances – by dancers for dancers. Finding ideal spaces during the weekend has been such a big challenge in Montreal. Our new space will allow us to host social dances, better focus on our safe(r) spaces ideals, and create an accessible and inviting “dance home”.
  • ability to allow for more community involvement. Barrelhouse Club has grown organically far beyond the expectations of the original idea. While our own space will definitely have its own share of challenges in the beginning, we hope that being self-sufficient will mean we are better able to run as a social entity that we can all be proud of.

How can you donate?

You can donate through interac email transfer to: .

If you prefer to donate by credit card, simply click below:

How will the money be used?

  • $5,500 to $6000: Renovating our current bathroom facility to include multiple gender neutral changing and washroom stalls. If we receive more funding and support, we would also like to install a shower.
  • $2800: Purchasing and hiring professional mirror installation. COMPLETED
  • $1750: Remodel the studio space to better suit a dance studio environment. Wall renovations, painting, construction of coat hangers & shoe racks, sofas/tables/chairs, and office space. COMPLETED
  • $1600: Professional sound equipment, mixer, and stands. COMPLETED
  • $5000: Building deposit. COMPLETED
  • $850: Legal fees, business licenses, etc. COMPLETED.
  • $2400: Last month rent deposit. COMPLETED.

Thanks so much for everyone’s contribution, donation, words of encouragement. This dance home project has been a whirlwind of since we started in October 1st, 2018 and we hope we are able to meet everyone’s expectations of us 🙂