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  • SAMEDI 15 SEPTEMBRE Live Band @ Theatre Plaza
    • Edith Boucher-Hazelton and friends!
    • 13h – 16h30
    • 3451 Saint-Laurent Blvd
    • Finals to live band on Saturday @ Theatre Plaza
    • Registration 20 $

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Anaïs Sékiné  – Anaïs Sékiné has been stepping on hard swinging floors for over a decade. In that time, her love for the jazz has pushed her to reflect on the tradition of the dance, on womanhood and togetherness through dance productions, and on educational reform within the swing community. These reflections ultimately led to the publishing of her doctoral research « The Worlds of Lindy hop – Cultural appropriation and the politics of joy ».
Some of her proudest accomplishments in her 20s include performing with the Northern Lights, the W Project and the Cats Club Chorus Line, sharing the stage with the cast of “Rhythm Live” feat. Arthur Duncan, winning the Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown and the solo Blues division in New Orleans, and participating in the invitational battles at Montreal Swing Riot.

Now a mama of two, she’s committing her 30s to refine how we think about dance practice and education by bringing together a collective of dancers driven by a common desire to push barriers. For Anaïs, learning and teaching jazz dance is a way to develop a consciousness for the world we live in. In the classroom, she takes the experience of the dance to a deeper dimension, connecting it to its cultural context and legacy, ultimately hoping to bridge past and present, in all its complexity.

Aleix – Since his first contact with jazz culture Aleix has been fascinated by it. He started by dancing Lindy Hop, solo and partnered Charleston, balboa, tap dance and other vernacular dances in Barcelona, and continued studying tap dance in Paris. After learning guitar and electric bass, he took up upright bass in Montreal, and co-founded a band that has played at local jazz clubs and at Cat’s Corner, where he has also taught Lindy Hop, solo jazz and tap. A member of the dance troupe The Northern Lights, Aleix’s style is smooth, rhythmic and deeply connected to the music. This is reflected in his teaching, which is both detailed and intuitive, and always rooted in the music.

Zack & Maryse – Zack Richard and Maryse LeBeau hail from Montreal, Canada, where they founded the Swing ConneXion Studios. Fun-filled and energetic teachers, they always strive to make sure every single student is having a good time, all the while learning valuable lessons about dancing and life (actual life results may vary). One of the most versatile social and competition couples around, they have won numerous prizes in Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Collegiate Shag and Blues, and are most notably they are five time Canadian Showcase Champions.

Randy & Mimi – Myriam Baril and Randy Panté are Montréal-based dancers and choreographers specializing in the old-timey dances of jazz, blues, charleston, and funk. They dance out of the Swing Connexion Dance School and actively coach performance troupes, teach dance classes, and perform as much as they can. They are known for their strong work-ethic and can usually be seen social dancing with giant goofy grins at various dance venues around the city.

Michel – Michel a fait ses premiers pas dans le monde de la danse il y a 14 ans et l’enseigne depuis une dizaine d’années. Sa passion le conduit aujourd’hui à porter à la fois les chapeaux de danseur social, de compétiteur, de coach et d’enseignant, en plus de faire partie d’une troupe. Il appuie son enseignement sur une double formation en pédagogie et en musique. Avec lui, vous vous concentrerez sur la relation avec l’autre et avec la musique. Invitez-le à danser, il en sera ravi!

Annie – Attirée par l’expression artistique Annie réalise un jour que c’est la danse qui lui apporte le plus de bonheur. Après avoir essayé de nombreux styles dont le tango, la gigue et la danse africaine, elle découvre le swing en 2011 et en tombe follement amoureuse! Depuis, avide de connaissances et toujours désireuse d’améliorer sa technique, elle suit beaucoup de formations et participe à de nombreux événements chaque année, autant sur la scène locale qu’internationale, principalement en lindy hop, balboa, blues et solo jazz. Amoureuse des performances et compétitions, elle a dansé dans plusieurs troupes dont Ballistics et Jazz Division et plus récemment Vernacular Intelligence Agency (VIA) et Balbusters. Depuis 2017 elle a la chance de partager sa passion en enseignant le lindy hop, le blues et le balboa dans l’équipe du Studio 88 Swing et en coachant les troupes Blues Division et Navy Division de cette même école. Annie s’est aussi fait remarquer sur la scène locale grâce à sa participation à titre d’organisatrice et Dj des soirées SiBlues

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