Partnered Blues - 19h

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Partnered Blues Class - All Levels - Novembre/Decembre

Partnered blues classes at Barrelhouse Club. In these classes, you will work on your blues connection and a lot of vocabulary to help you gain confidence on the social dance floor. These classes are aimed to expand your depth of knowledge of blues vocabulary through body awareness, social dancing, and historical context. Specifically you will work on:

  • Turns
  • Side passes
  • Connection
  • Ballroomin’ close embrace
  • Jukin’ close embrace
  • Breakaway
  • Rhythmic variations

6 weeks series! Ideal for dancers who are in the "Débutante - Intermédiaire" level.

  1. DATE DE DEBUT: 5 novembre 2019 ⭐Mardi 19h ; Tuesdays 19h - 20h
  2. DATE DE DEBUT: 6 novembre 2019 ⭐Mercredi 19h ; Wednesdays 19h - 20h ⭐


  • Must have completed previous blues classes (for example - Blues 1) or have experience in social dancing in the following styles - lindy hop, west coast swing, or jive.
  • If you are unsure, please message us.

*** If you are an intermediate-advanced dancer: Mondays 20h troupe might be better suited for you! Message us.