Intro to Blues Dancing - Sundays 18h (12 Weeks)

Intro to Blues Dancing - Sundays 18h (12 Weeks)

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This is for the pre-registration of partnered blues classes at Barrelhouse Club in 2020. Each session is 12 weeks long (12 classes). 

Intro to Blues

  • Starts on January 19, 2020
  • Every Sunday from 18h - 19h
  • Studio #201, 7755 St. Laurent, Montreal Quebec 


  • 189$ online credit card.


    What is Blues Dancing?

    Blues dancing is a family of social dances and movements that grew alongside the many styles of blues music throughout U.S. history. It includes historical dances done by Black & African-American communities to blues and jazz-blues music, as well as modern interpretations of many of those dances and movements.

    Blues dancing is characterized by an improvisational spirit, rhythmic drive, emphasis on personal style, and a deep connection between dancers and the music.

    On the dance floor today, you might see different dances like the slow drag, fishtail, funky butt, or struttin’, as well as a breadth of personal stylings on these dances, and a wide variety of improvisations.