Intro to Swing Dancing - Tuesdays 20h (12 Weeks)

Intro to Swing Dancing - Tuesdays 20h (12 Weeks)

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SPECIAL NEW DANCERS DISCOUNT! This is for the pre-registration of partnered blues classes at Barrelhouse Club in 2020. Each session is 12 weeks long (12 classes). Pre-registration pricing (reduced price) is only until December 1st, 2019. 

Intro to Swing Dancing

Get started in the wonderful world of swing dancing! There’s nothing like moving in rhythm with a partner. If you’ve always wanted to try but were afraid you’d have two left feet, these are the classes for you. Super basic and easy-going, learn to dance in a friendly, supportive environment. Meet new people, get moving, improve your co-ordination, and have a lot of fun! We start with an introduction to partner dance technique and 8-count swing dance basic steps, and we put them together so you can enjoy the dance and the music with any partner! No partner required to register or attend.

  • Starts on January 14, 2020
  • Every Tuesday from 20h - 21h
  • Studio #201 , 7755 St. Laurent, Montreal Quebec 


What is Swing Dancing?

Swing dance" refers to any dance that is danced to swing music. Not every swing dance has "swing" in their name, and some dances that have swing in their name aren't swing dances by this definition. Many dances originated from swing dance, but have since strayed far enough from the original dance and music that we no longer consider them to be "swing dances."

Lindy Hop

Lindy Hop (or just “Lindy”) is what most people are talking about when they talk about “Swing Dance.” It’s an energetic dance that involves both 8-count and 6-count patterns with triple steps, as well as moves borrowed from the Charleston. Although performance Lindy Hop often involves lifts, tricks, and aerials, social Lindy Hop requires none of these things. Lindy Hop is characterized by a low, relaxed posture and a rhythmic bounce–or pulse–that matches the music it is danced to.