Studio Philosophy

Barrelhouse Club is a dance studio that focuses on learning, growing and teaching the black-american dances of blues, swing, and jazz. Our teachers and coaches have travelled, competed and won in most of the major blues dance competitions in North America. Unique to the Montréal dance community, Barrelhouse Club coaches have created and coached over 70 student performance groups over the years in blues, solo, jazz, swing, and slow jazz. We think global and dance local.


Based in the Villeray neighbourhood in Montreal, the multicultural epicenter of Quebec, Barrelhouse Club embraces diversity and is committed to being active in the communities where we operate.

We value...
  1. Being a positive influence in our community.
  2. Having awesome music in our dances and events.
  3. Respecting and being open to learning the culture and roots of our dance. 
  4. Being friendly to each other.
  5. Promoting nerdiness and working on having great technique.

The Team

Randy Panté
Myriam Baril 
Karine St.Germain Blais 
Ariane Proteau 
Ani-Claude Demers 
Nico Croze 
Eric Barber 
Sophie Gasparik
Justin Chan