Barrelhouse Club - The Troupe

Troupe Info Updated for 2020

What: Advanced dance club focusing on training, performing, and doing dance demos in Montreal and beyond. The team is our main dance company at the studio and is named "Barrelhouse Club".

Specifically we are focusing on the following styles in 2020: partnered juke joint blues, partnered slow jazz, partnered blues idioms, and freestyle improvised spotlight demos.

Thursdays 20h to 21h30 (1 hour and a half). Each and every week, except holidays.

Where: 7755 St. Laurent, Studio #201

Club membership rates: 360$ for 16 practices (roughly equivalent to 4 months; $15/hour). Interac email transfer to . Receipt available.

Coaches: Karine St-Germain (good cop) & Randy Panté (bad cop).

Who: As a group, Barrelhouse Club dancers are 60% dance profs, 100% dance in more than 1 style of dance (lindy hop, jive, solo jazz), have won or placed in nearly all blues competitions in North America.


  • Training and practicing with Montreal's partnered blues, solo blues, slow jazz/slow dance champions, Barrelhouse Club - the only organization in the city dedicated to the dark arts ;-)

  • FREE studio rental rates (subject to availability and booking) at Barrelhouse Club for practicing with team members for our projects or with team members.

  • 33% DISCOUNT studio rental rates for non project related rehearsals including: practicing with non Barrelhouse Club dancers, privates, and non dance related bookings such as yoga, parties, etc.

  • Possibility of travelling out-of-town for dance contracts for blues and slow jazz. 

  • A nice group of people to be around :)


--- Please read ---

By joining Barrelhouse Club, you are in effect signing this contract and choosing to agree to meet and adhere to all of the expectations for members of Barrelhouse Club.

Barrelhouse Club are for dancers who have a passion to learn to dance well and to work hard. The purpose of this contract is to clearly express what is demanded of all Barrelhouse Club dancers, and to ensure that all parties involved are getting what they want and expect out of rehearsals. The following expectations are asked of all Barrelhouse Club dancers:


  • Any student who misses 3 or more classes per term for non-medical reasons will be asked to leave the program This rule will be strictly enforced as dancers have chosen to work at a serious level of commitment, instead of at a recreational level. 

  • Students must attend all classes together to create a team spirit, which is integral to their ability to perform and excel as dancers. Students who miss class put the entire group at a disadvantage, due to the fact that absent students must be taught the missed material while the rest of the class repeats what they covered the week before. This allows restlessness and boredom to replace interest and activity. 


  • All dancers must be willing to push themselves to be the best dancer they can be. At all times dancers must show respect to their instructors and dance team members.

  • Barrelhouse Club dancers have a responsibility to their fellow students, to instructors, and to themselves to dance always at a 100% effort level.

  • Experienced and older (based on time in the troupe) Barrelhouse Club dancers have a responsibility to help and mentor newer Barrelhouse Club dancers to create a positive working environment. 


  • Barrelhouse Club dancers are strongly encouraged, to request a solo, duo or trio routine to work with the coaches at the studio.

  • Students may request the type of dance discipline of the solo/duo/trio, but ultimately the decision will rest with the Artistic Director (Randy).

  • Students who choose to dance a solo, duo or trio are also agreeing to take responsibility for the following: attending all scheduled practice sessions, remembering all choreography, practicing on their own time,  attending all competitions on their own (instructor may or may not be present).

  • The Artistic Director has the final decision as to whether or not a student is ready to perform the solo/duo/trio routine in a performance, event, or competition.