Blues Bump - FAQs

We'll compile the list of frequently asked questions here as we receive them :)

Styles of Dance? Blues Bump, as the name suggests, is a predominantly partnered blues dance event. The event is also appropriate for solo blues dancing and slow jazz/slow swing partnered dancing.

Who runs Blues Bump 2020? This year Blues Bump is run in collaboration between two organizations from across the country - Barrelhouse Club and Bearcat Blues!

Refunds? All tickets and competition entries are non-refundable. They are however transferable 2 weeks prior the event. Please contact the event organizers with any change regarding the ticket holders name.

Will Blues Bump have housing this year? No. We will not be organizing housing for dancers this year in order to put more care into making the event run on time and be able to handle the small details a weekend event usually incurs. We do have a very active blues dance facebook group called, "Montreal Blues Nights", that we highly encourage out of town dancers to use to find willing hosts.

I've never been to Montreal before! Do I need to learn french? Oui... mais no. Montreal is a very unique place in North America where most people speak french but understand english. It would be good to know some phrases in french ... we'll make a video soon ;-)

Is it the last year of Blues Bump? We're going to be super honest - yes it is the last year of Blues Bump.

This event, like all weekend blues events in the world, is an event born out of love... and not necessarily out of financial well-being. 

We are going to throw one last, but financially sensible, party this upcoming year.